Answers to your frequently asked questions about Random House New Zealand.

General Questions

How do I write to an author (local or overseas)?

The privacy of Random House New Zealand's authors is very important so we cannot release personal contact details for any author, under any circumstance. However, we will forward correspondence to authors on behalf of readers.

Address correspondence to authors to: Author's Name C/- Random House NZ  Private Bag 102-950, North Shore Mail Centre, Auckland 0745 (Please include your return address.)

To contact an overseas author you may write to the author care of the primary publisher. You can find out who the primary pubilsher is by looking at a book's imprint page (this follows the title page).

Although the utmost care is taken, we cannot take responsibility for the loss or damage of correspondence, or a lack of reply from the author.

Do you have reading guides for Random House New Zealand books?

Yes, relevant reading guides appear on Book Pages where available.

Submitting a Manuscript

How do I submit a manuscript?

Random House New Zealand welcomes submissions for novels and other book projects.

Although Penguin Random House is now one company, the publishing divisions of Penguin and Random House are separate from each other, so you must send your manuscript submission to the address below if you wish it to be considered by one of the Random House imprints (i.e. Random House, Vintage, Black Swan, Godwit, Bantam, Arrow).

Before you submit your work, we would appreciate you reading the following guidelines to ensure your submission is suitable in both format and content. If it doesn’t meet these guidelines, you may like to try another publisher. All submissions are assessed by a professional reader and all are considered seriously and thoroughly. This process, which we offer free of charge, normally takes 2–4 months.


Random House New Zealand publishes around 75 new books each year under five imprints: Vintage, Black Swan, Godwit, Longacre and Random House New Zealand. 

When submitting a manuscript for consideration you should provide a letter of introduction, a brief synopsis of your work and your manuscript (not a proposal. We would like to see a sample of your writing and preferably the whole manuscript). Manuscripts need to be sent as printed documents, preferably double-spaced for ease of reading. Please do not send your manuscript on CD-Rom as we will only consider printed manuscripts. If the book is to be illustrated, please include some samples (not originals).

It may be helpful for you to know that we do not accept unsolicited poetry; short stories; adult adventure, fantasy or science fiction novels; plays; screen plays, or war diaries. You will be able to discern which New Zealand publishers do publish in these genres by checking in bookstores. (Do be aware that New Zealand publishing is different from overseas. Publishers here are generally mostly interested in books with New Zealand content or by a New Zealand author.)



Please submit with a:

-         Synopsis
-         Letter of introduction introducing the idea and author/illustrator, and explaining the likely readership/market and the particular appeal of your book to that market
-         Chapter summary
-         First couple of chapters

Godwit: gardening, art, architecture, design, history
Random House: social history, autobiography, biography, lifestyle, parenting, business, cookery, travel, natural history and history



We publish our fiction under the Vintage and Black Swan imprints. We have an extensive list of writers including Fiona Kidman, Owen Marshall, Sarah-Kate Lynch, Alan Duff, Charlotte Grimshaw, Carl Nixon and Stephanie Johnson (just to name a few).



We publish a small list of high-quality children’s picture books, usually by established author/illustrators. We also publish a small number of non-fiction and young adult fiction titles.


PLEASE SEND YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO: Editorial Assistant, Random House NZ, Private Bag 102 950, North Shore Mail Centre 0745. Please include your email address in your covering letter. Please also include a stamped, self-addressed envelope so we can return your manuscript if we decide not to publish it. Manuscripts without self-addressed stamped envelopes will not be returned. Alternatively, you can email your submission to submissions@randomhouse.co.nz. Please use Word format, rather than PDF, and ensure the subject line of your email contains only the words ‘Fiction’, ‘NF’ (for Non-fiction), ‘Children’s’ or ‘Young Adult’. Please note that we do not offer feedback on rejected manuscripts.

Permissions to Reprint Material

Do I need permission to reprint material (text, illustrations, cover art) published by Random House New Zealand?

Yes! If you wish to reproduce any material from a Random House publication, you must obtain written permission from Random House New Zealand and the author. (Always double check who first published the original work — it is likely that the first publisher is the copyright controller.)

In order to consider your permission request, we require the following information:

  • The title, author and ISBN of the publication from which you wish to quote.
  • Exactly what material you wish to use (please provide photocopies highlighting which text or illustrations are to be used).
  • Details of how the material is to be used.
  • The format in which the material will be reproduced (i.e. book, magazine, video, audio, broadcast, internet, CD-Rom, other).
  • The approximate number of words you wish to use.
  • The number of reproductions of the copyright material (i.e, if you are producing a book, the initial print run).
  • The territory in which it will be available.
  • The selling price of your finished product (RRP).
  • The publication date of your finished product.
  • The name of the publisher of your finished product.

Permission requests for use of material first published by Random House New Zealand should be sent to:
Permissions Department
Random House New Zealand
Private Bag 102-950
North Shore Mail Centre
North Shore City 0745
New Zealand

What should I include in my permission request?

Include the following information in your permission request:

  • The title, author and ISBN of the publication from which you wish to reprint.
  • If possible, a photocopy of the imprint page.
  • Exactly what material you wish to use (provide photocopies highlighting which text and/or illustration is to be used).
  • Details of how the material is to be used.
  • The format in which the material will be reproduced (ie book, magazine, video, audio, broadcast, Internet, CD-ROM, other).
  • Approximate number of words.
  • The territory required.
  • The number of reproductions of the copyright material (ie if a book, the initial print run).
  • The selling price of your finished product (RRP).
  • The publication/release date of your finished product.
  • The name of the publisher.

Where should I send my permission request?

Permission requests for use of material first published by Random House New Zealand should be sent by post to: 

Permissions Department
Random House New Zealand
Private Bag 102-950
North Shore Mail Centre
North Shore City 0745
New Zealand

How long does it take to process a permission request?

Generally, it takes between three and five weeks to process a permission request. Please allow enough time in your editorial schedule to clear permissions.

Is there a fee for permissions?

A permission (or copyright) fee will always be charged to compensate the author and/or illustrator for use of their work.

Finding and Buying Books

Where can I buy Random House New Zealand books?

Random House New Zealand books are available from all good bookstores , and if your local bookseller does not have a title in stock, they can generally order it for you. We do not sell books through our website. If you are a retailer, please contact our customer service department who will answer your queries.

Can I order Random House New Zealand books from the website?

We do not sell books online. Our books are available at all good bookshops. To find online and bookstore locations for a specific title, click on the 'Buy Now' link on the book's page to link to websites or maps to find your favourite bookseller.

How can I do an online catalogue search?

You can search our catalogue of titles by using the ‘Search’ function located at the top right-hand of each page of this website.

How do I find an out-of-print Random House New Zealand book?

When a title goes out of print, it is generally considered no longer available. Sometimes, however, a book which is out of print can be found through:

  • A visit to your local second-hand bookstore
  • An Internet search.

When can I expect the next book from my favourite author?

The Random House New Zealand website is regularly updated with all the latest information about upcoming titles and events .

Reporting Errors and Faulty Books

How do I report a faulty book/printing problem?

It is best that you return your book to the place of purchase; they should provide you with a replacement copy. Should you have any difficulties doing this, please call our customer service department on 09 444 7197 and they will be able to help you.

Requests from Media and Teachers

Jobs at Random House

How do I apply for a job at Random House New Zealand?

Employment opportunities at Random House New Zealand are advertised online including via our Twitter and Facebook pages, on seek.co.nz and the Publishers Association of New Zealand website. If you would like to submit your resume for our consideration please send to our human resources department, the contact details are listed below. 

Do you hire editorial freelancers, graphic designers or illustrators?

Random House New Zealand is always interested to hear from experienced freelance editors and proof-readers and from graphic designers and illustrators. Please send a covering letter, your CV, and — in the case of illustrators and designers — some recent examples of your work to editor@randomhouse.co.nz

If you wish to post them then please send it to

Editorial Assistant
Random House NZ
Private Bag 102950
North Shore Mail Centre
Auckland 0745
New Zealand

Do you take interns or work experience students?

Random House New Zealand provides opportunities for people to undertake unpaid work experience placements in a variety of publishing functions such as Publishing, Editorial, Publicity and Marketing. Work experience will enable you to learn about how the organisation and its different departments work. You will have the chance to develop and practice your publishing skills and talk to people within the industry and gather advice and contacts. All this will enable you to make more informed career choices about whether this is the right industry for you. Work experience here is an excellent way to get your foot on the publishing career ladder if you are interested in working in the industry.

If you are interested in an internship or work experience with Random House New Zealand, please send your CV, with a cover letter to admin@randomhouse.co.nz.

Unfortunately due to the high number of applications we receive we are unable to reply to every applicant individually.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

Email your enquiry

If you have an enquiry of a more general nature, that is not covered by any of the categories above please send us a detailed email. We will do our best to help you with the information or assistance you are seeking.