Corporate Sales

Books are the perfect gift. With a high perceived value, they make ideal incentives for customers, clients and employees. Random House New Zealand has a book to suit every taste and budget or we can create a brand new book just for you, celebrating your history, your people or your products.


What we can do

Custom Publishing

Custom Publishing

With big brand names and bestselling authors across a variety of genres, Random House New Zealand can repackage and adapt its titles, or we can create a brand new book just for you to fit your promotional requirements.

Promotions and Brands

Promotions & Brands

Books have a high perceived value and a long shelf life, so by choosing the right book to match your product, you can leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Memorable and unique, books are an ideal gift for thanking a valued client, celebrating a company milestone, or rewarding a hard-working employee.

Health and Medical Clients

Health & Medical Clients

If you have a piece of research or often-repeated advice for your patients, and would like to see this information presented in a fully professional book, Random House can help you. We can also convert it into ebook format for global reach.

Corporate Sales FAQ's

About Random House New Zealand

Random House New Zealand is a subsidiary of Random House International, the largest English language publisher in the world, owned by the Bertelsmann group. In addition to our high-profile international titles (including books by Lee Child, Bill Bryson and Nigella Lawson), Random House in New Zealand has a very active, award-winning local publishing division which publishes around 75 titles a year, making us among the most active of New Zealand publishers. We were named New Zealand Local Publisher of the Year in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

How do I contact you about corporate sales/gifts?

You can contact us on the enquiry page.



Why Choose Books?


Books are great gifts. They make ideal incentives and have a high perceived value. They are passed on and shared and they hang around a long time. We have a book to suit every taste and budget.

How long will it take?

This depends on what we are doing for you. If you are ordering from our stock then delivery is no more than 10 days.

Custom Book Publishing: About

We can create a brand new book just for you, celebrating your history, your people or your products with the Random House New Zealand Business Development Unit.

Established to work in partnership with businesses and other organisations, Random House New Zealand’s Business Development Unit specialises in bespoke publishing for organisations as diverse as Lion Nathan, Nestlé and the Automobile Association, and well-known cafés and restaurants such as Soul, Molten and Caffe L’affare. It brings book publishing solutions to a wide range of clients.

Custom Book Publishing: How does it work?

Every book is different and the first thing we do is work with you to find out what sort of book you want, who the audience for it is, and how much material you have available to work with.

Custom Book Publishing: Can our book be sold through book stores?

This depends entirely on what kind of book you want and the size of the market for it. We will talk about this very early in the process, and our highly experienced sales team will give advice on the likely size of the market for it through book stores.

Custom Book Publishing: Why should I work through Random House New Zealand?

There are lots of cheap self-publishing solutions available these days, but they have limitations. Our expert and experienced editors, photographers, designers, proof-readers, indexers, image retouchers and prepress technicians will ensure that your book is completed to a high quality level. We also shepherd your book through the sometimes fraught printing and shipping processes.

Many self-published books are full of errors, with poor design, low production values and an unprofessional look. If the Random House name is on your book it is a mark of credibility.

The production of the book is only the first stage of the journey too. Once it is complete, and if your book is going into the book trade, we have a full sales and distribution team, plus publicity and marketing departments to make sure your book is heard about and is widely available.

Custom Book Publishing: We have a whole lot of historic photos that aren’t in great condition

We can have your photos scanned and the images worked on by professionals so they can go into your book, which will give them another life and allow them to be seen by a much wider audience.

Custom Book Publishing: What if we don’t have a written text to give Random House?

We can help you find a suitable author to write the material you want, whether that is something entirely for your own purposes or a book with wider appeal.