Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrims

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Set during England's bloody and brutal War of the Roses, the first novel in an epic historical fiction series. If you liked Conn Iggulden's Stormbird, you will love Toby Clement's KINGMAKER novels.

Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrims, Toby Clements

'Magnificent. An historical tour de force, revealing Clements to be a novelist every bit as good as Cornwell, Gregory or Iggulden. Kingmaker is the best book I've read this year by some margin.' Ben Kane

February, 1460: in the bitter dawn of a winter's morning a young nun is caught outside her priory walls by a corrupt knight and his vicious retinue.

In the fight that follows, she is rescued by a young monk and the knight is defeated. But the consequences are far-reaching, and Thomas and Katherine are expelled from their religious Orders and forced to flee across a land caught in the throes of one of the most savage and bloody civil wars in history: the Wars of the Roses.

Their flight will take them across the Narrow Sea to Calais where Thomas picks up his warbow, and trains alongside the Yorkist forces. Katherine, now dressed as a man, hones her talents for observation and healing both on and off the fields of battle. And all around them, friends and enemies fight and die as the future Yorkist monarch, Edward, Earl of March, and his adviser the Earl of Warwick, later to become known as the Kingmaker, prepare to do bloody battle.

Encompassing the battles of Northampton, Mortimer's Cross and finally the great slaughter of Towton, this is war as experienced not by the highborn nobles of the land but by ordinary men and women who do their best just to stay alive. Filled with strong, sympathetic characters, this is a must-read series for all who like their fiction action-packed, heroic and utterly believable.

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"Magnificent. An historical tour de force, revealing Clements to be a novelist every bit as good as Cornwell, Gregory or Iggulden. Kingmaker is the best book I’ve read this year ? by some margin." - Ben Kane

"It’s amazing … there’s a real sense of time and place, and real immersion in the period, real rounded characters, with utterly plausible lives. Fantastic! People who love Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell are going to love it too - but so are people who love Rob Wilton and AL Berridge and Rob Low: people who want real use of language and real 3-d characters." - Manda Scott

"I loved this from the first page, and if you ask me, this is what it’s all about. There’s an immediacy, an accessibility to Clements’ writing that makes the story leap from the page in all its vivid, vibrant glory. In fact this story reads like a film script, which shows that here is a writer who knows his business. Atmosphere, drama, great characters and a brilliantly imagined medieval world - Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrims took me on a journey. I’m already looking forward to the next one. Storytelling doesn’t get much better than this." - Giles Kristian

"Kingmaker is a huge work; intelligent, well-researched, entertaining ... and even, better, there's stacks more to come." - Sunday Sport

"Epic adventuring that had me hooked… I loved this story, non-stop action featuring a lovely pair of modest but surprising heroes…The best adventure novel I have read in quite a while." - Bettie Book Likes blog

"If you like your fiction with a bit of grit and swagger, this is really something you should try." - The Idle Woman blog

"What a book! This superb novel, alive with fire, blood and mud, has brought me as close to the Wars of the Roses as I could ever want to get. Historical fiction at its best ... Kingmaker is one of the finest historical novels I’ve read and fortunately it’s just the first in a trilogy. I look forward to much more from Toby Clements." - For Winter Nights blog