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This rich and darkly funny novel is about family history and the risk and power of knowledge.

Anticipation, Tanya Moir

This rich and darkly funny novel is about family history and the risk and power of knowledge.

‘I want to tell you a story about my mother, although of course it is also mine – inherited, along with dangly earlobes and a horror of deep water.'

Janine's mother had an obsession: her ancestry. But what she uncovered was a colourful assortment of characters and their penchant for cruelty and abuse. When her mother dies, Janine continues the genealogical search. She buys a run-down house on a tiny island, where she sits and writes up the stories of her forebears, worrying whether the damaging genes have been passed on. Meanwhile the builder, Jake, is erecting a jetty for her, and it is his presence, along with Janine's discovery about her grandfather, that might offer her hope of redemption.

Startlingly original and superbly written, Tanya Moir's surprising new book asks how much we really want to know about our futures and our pasts.

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"had me hooked from page one . . . clever, funny, disturbing and dark . . . a highly skilled writer hitting her strides" - Australian Woman's Weekly

"When [novels] are written as well as this one is, with as much energy and style, the result is a rare treat . . . Tanya Moir weaves a story as rich, intricate and colourful as a tapestry. It is briskly told and is deeply, satisfyingly good . . . Moir is clearly a New Zealand writer to watch." - Joan Curry, Dominion Post Weekend

"It is superbly written . . . This is a novel to savour and an author to watch." - Elizabeth Winter, Saturday Express

"the accomplished Moir, recipient of this year's Buddle Findlay Sargeson Fellowship, takes the premise and through a sophisticated structure and wonderfully wry way with words, creates a narrative that pulls you in and binds you to the actions and outcomes of what proves to be a remarkable lineage . . . Moir is judicious: serious when warranted, frivolous when just one more bizarre/unfortunate genetic
discovery may tip the whole thing into maudlin territory. Her talent with prose is far reaching; her ability to pluck a clever phrase from a seemingly inexhaustible well of fluid imagination quite stunning." - Michael Larsen, Weekend Herald

"Such a beautifully evocative storyteller is this Southland-raised writer that although her second novel swings through a ripe and frankly disreputable family history, the changes of time and perspective
as she draws our attention up and down the family tree are seldom disorientating. And if, for a moment, we might lose a sense of connectivity with the wider story, the vibrancy of each page still holds us until we recalibrate, which happens quickly enough. Moir is a reliable guide whose words fair
crackle with interest . . . Here is a story told for the fun of it by a writer who, on the evidence so far, is a rising talent" - Michael Fallow, Southland Times

"beguiling" - Paul Little, North & South

"Phrases such as multi-layered when describing plots of novels usually leave me cold, but Tanya Moir's second-up is certainly that and almost hypnotically so . . ." - Otago Daily Times

"A wicked pleasure and no mistake." - Mike Fallow, Southland Times

Anticipation by Tanya Moir

Thursday February 21

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Tanya Moir

Tanya Moir

Tanya Moir, a novelist, was born in Southland in 1969 and now lives on the west coast of Auckland with her husband. She studied with the Hagley Writers' Institute and received the Margaret Mahy Award in 2008. Her first book, the critically acclaimed historical novel La Rochelle's Road, was noted for ‘a deeply poetic sensibility that is, at times, quite breathtaking' (Your Weekend). The New Zealand Listener described it as ‘that wonder: absorbing historical fiction that replenishes our view of the world then and now', remarking on language that is ‘fresh, vivid and authentic'. Her second novel, Anticipation was published in 2013. Moir was a 2013 Buddle Findlay Sargeson Fellow.