Essential New Zealand Poems: Facing the Empty Page

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A must-have poetry companion for all lovers of New Zealand poetry

Essential New Zealand Poems: Facing the Empty Page, VARIOUS

A must-have poetry companion for all lovers of New Zealand poetry

New Zealanders adore poetry, and this expertly selected and handsomely packaged collection of over 150 poems published since the 1950s shows exactly why: New Zealand poetry is, by turns, distinctive, affecting, joyous, revealing, moving, challenging, startling, profound and intimate. It is our lyrical national voice.

With its poems selected by Siobhan Harvey, Harry Ricketts and James Norcliffe, all talented poets, academics, anthologists and poetry champions, this book deserves a place on every New Zealander's bookshelves.

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    ISBN: 9781775534594
    Published: 04/07/2014
    Imprint: RHNZ Godwit
    Extent: 320 pages
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"A marvellous shop window." - Greg O'Brien, Saturday Morning with Kim Hill, National Radio

"... I could not be happier about the release of Essential New Zealand Poems - Facing the Empty Page, a collection every bit as essential, current and poignant as its former. Beautifully designed, it is a book that is pleasing to many senses. On first glimpse it looks almost retro with a distinct 70s vibe about it. Could it be the warm earthy tones? Or perhaps it's the tactile feel to the fabric cover? Maybe too the gorgeous bright gold ribbon with which you keep your place? Whatever it is, it works. As does the New Zealand scenic photography all throughout the book by photographer Megan van Staden. Her work helps to remind the reader: this is ours, this poetry is a part of our beautiful country." - Le Petite Mania

"The book is generous to the reader as well as some of the poets. It also does the very good service of scooping up the best of a new and younger generation of local writers." - Phillip Matthews, Waikato Times