Eat Less Crap Lose That Fat

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Fresh and original diet book that teaches you how to lose weight easily, written in a fun, lively style.

Eat Less Crap Lose That Fat, Sam Pease

Fresh and original diet book that teaches you how to lose weight easily, written in a fun, lively style.

Eat Less Crap... is an entertaining collection of embarrassing self-confessions about food-guzzling that'll teach readers easy ways to lose weight. It allows for screw-ups because let's face it… we're human. Whether you want to lose five, 50, or 500 kilos – losing weight is easy once you have Sam's secrets.

Five years ago Sam Pease was fat and frazzled. None of the popular diets appealed because they preached the same message: give up all the foods you love and exercise for an hour, three times a week. That was never going to work for Sam (she despises gyms and is a carb-junkie), so she had to find new ways to trim down.

She watched weight-loss organisations, spied on slenderellas, followed fatties and developed a diet that allowed her to eat chips, cheese, and carbs. It worked. Within five months she'd lost 28 kilos, without stepping foot in a gym. Five years later she's still slim (and she'll never be fat again).

Follow Sam's easy plan, and enjoy yourself at the same time. This advice is sensible and will result in genuine weight loss if you stick to Sam's advice.

This is a diet book with a difference; a fresh and original approach to weight-loss.

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Sam Pease

Sam Pease

Sam Pease is a television presenter and reporter, and she has also worked as a director and producer. Outgoing and bubbly, Sam is a natural media personality. She has also held communications and media spokesperson roles for various companies and organisations.