Bureau of Mysteries 2: The Mechanomancers

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George and Imp are back to save the day, solving codes and puzzles along the way!

Book Setting: Obscuria
Bureau of Mysteries 2: The Mechanomancers, H.J. Harper

George and Imp are back to save the day, solving codes and puzzles along the way!

Only a few months after rescuing Little Obscurity from the evil Clockwork Octopus Society, George and Imp are back, this time alongside the adventurer Lord Periwinkle Tinkerton and his moody assistant, Lexica Quill. Together, they must battle the crafty Mechanomancers, ancient beings that meld magic and technology to wreak havoc on the world.

Fighting mechanical bulls, getting trapped in sewage dungeons with giant worms and confronting overgrown plant monsters, the team must work together in order to save Little Obscurity.

And, as always, there are codes to crack and riddles along the way!

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  • Paperback
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    ISBN: 9781742756486
    Published: 15/03/2013
    Imprint: Random House Australia Children's
    Extent: 320 pages
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H.J. Harper

H.J. Harper

H.J. Harper is a children's author who lives in Melbourne. By day she works in a bookstore, spruiking her favourite wares; by night she writes stories about zombies, movie stars, ninjas and robots. H.J. Harper is the author of the Star League series and Bureau Of Mysteries series.