Floods 12: Bewitched

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What happens when the King goes Doolally? Find out in the latest Floods adventure.

Series: The Floods
Book Setting: Transylvania Waters
Floods 12: Bewitched, Colin Thompson

Everyone gets old, even witches and wizards. Their backs get stiff. Their feet get sore, and their brains go and live far, far away.

Not even Nerlin Flood, the King of Transylvania Waters, is immune to the curse of old age. The rest of the family have noticed that Nerlin is slipping into total Doolallyness – including having an invisible friend called Geoffrey-Geoffrey who warns him not to eat broccoli because it will give him global warming.

Only the Old Crones can help Nerlin, so his family travel high up into the mountains to visit them.

Will the wisest witch of all, Gruinard, be able to cure him, or is Nerlin doomed to spend his twilight years talking to the wall, wearing a crooked jacket* and incompetence pants?

* Which is actually a more accurate description of a straitjacket.

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    ISBN: 9781742755304
    Published: 15/03/2013
    Imprint: Random House Australia Children's
    Extent: 240 pages
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Colin Thompson

Colin Thompson

Since he started writing and illustrating children's books in 1990, Colin Thompson has had more than 65 books published. He has received several awards, including an Aurealis Award for the novel How to Live Forever, CBCA Picture Book of the Year for The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley and CBCA Honour Book and the Family Therapists' Award for The Big Little Book Of Happy Sadness. He has been shortlisted for many other awards, including the Astrid Lindgren Award - the most prestigious children's literature prize in the world. Colin lives in Bellingen, Australia. His books with Random House Australia include How to Live Forever, numerous picture books, The Floods series, The Dragons series, The Big Little Book Of Happy Sadness, Free To A Good Home and Barry.