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This lamb is tender, so tender you can pull it apart with a couple of spoons. It’s the highlight of any feast.

Jul 20

Try BookShots for Free!

by Penguin Random House on 20 July 2016

BookShots are short, high-impact stories by James Patterson and other writers that can be read in one sitting. Each and every one is fast-paced, 100% story-driven; a shot of pure and satisfying entertainment. For a limited time, you can try a BookShots eBook for free!

This is almost like a baked ricotta cheesecake. Although orange blossom water is an unusual ingredient and can be overpowering if too much is used, it works well with the plums and is very subtle here. I love cakes with the fruit baked into the sponge, as the fruit itself often gets lovely and jam-like, and it prevents the cake from being too rich. This cake is gluten free, made with ground almonds instead of regular flour, which gives a denser texture.

Jul 12

On Our Desks This Month

by Penguin Random House on 12 July 2016

One of the many perks of working at a publishing house is how many great books we have freely available at our fingertips! Here’s some of what’s been across the desks of our Marketing team this month – it’s a great selection of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Thrillers, Cookbooks and even a retelling of Shakespeare!

Jul 7

World Chocolate Day

by Penguin Random House on 7 July 2016

July 7 marks one of our favourite international days of celebration - World Chocolate Day! From drinks, to cakes, to an always-appropriate snack, chocolate has been scientifically proven to raise endorphin levels, making us all happier eaters. To mark this celebratory day, we've put together a few of our favourite chocolately recipes and books that we think you'll enjoy. We encourage you to enjoy them in moderation, but pass no judgment if you do not.

Jul 1

Chia & Mint Lemonade Recipe

by Grace Ramirez on 1 July 2016

Agua fresca literally means ‘fresh water’. This is a popular Mexican drink made from different kinds of fresh fruit. jug-full in the centre of your barbecue or taco party will add life to the table. It’s refreshing and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Jun 22

Is Your Grandpa A Dinosaur?

by Richard Fairgray on 22 June 2016

Have you ever wondered if your Grandpa might be a dinosaur? Well, with this handy flow chart you can finally figure it out. Just follow the simple questions and you'll finally know for certain. This helpful flowchart comes from Richard Fairgray - co-author of My Grandpa Is A Dinosaur.

Jun 15

Read ‘em and Weep

by Penguin Random House on 15 June 2016

First it’s a lump in your throat. Then comes the slight prickle in both eyes. It’s too late now, you can feel the floodgates opening. One single, dramatic tear turns to three… and before you know it, you’re full on sobbing! We’ve all been there – and if nothing else, it’s cathartic. So jump aboard the tear wagon and indulge in a therapeutic cry fest. These weepy reads are sure to help.

A record number of entrants and a kaleidoscopic range of crime tales illustrates the growth of New Zealand crime writing but provided a real challenge for the judges of the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel, who have revealed the longlist for their 2016 award.

This year marks an extraordinarily high standard of children’s literature, say the judges for the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults, and Penguin Random House is pleased to announce that seven of our authors have been announced as finalists today.