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Did you enjoy ARKIE'S PILGRIMAGE TO THE NEXT BIG THING? Share this book with your book club using these reading group questions.

ARKIE’S PILGRIMAGE TO THE NEXT BIG THING is a delightfully funny and inspiring novel about a very modern pilgrimage, and one woman's chance to rediscover what she's lost. Here’s our Q&A with the author of ARKIE’S PILGRIMAGE TO THE NEXT BIG THING, Lisa Walker, and don’t forget to check out our Reading Group Questions too!

Tony Parsons' DC Wolfe series, including THE MURDER BAG, DEAD TIME and THE SLAUGHTER MAN, is a fast paced, gritty pursuit of justice by an old school cop on the streets of London. If you’re looking to try something gripping but very real, definitely add this series to your to list.

With new books from Rachel Khoo, Rick Stein, Nigella and many more, here are 7 reasons why 2015 is going to be a great year for getting in the kitchen.

Whether in a series or a stand alone book, characters are brought to life by their everyday tasks and favourite foods and drinks. Test your book knowledge by guessing which drink fits the following book characters. Take the quiz now.

Feb 17

First look at Jack Reacher 20

by Random House NZ on 17 February 2015

Lee Child's 20th Jack Reacher novel is out in New Zealand on August 28 2015!

RED NOTICE begins as a gripping yarn about how the author, Bill Browder, gets on the wrong side of Putin and the oligarchs, tragically resulting in the murder of his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky. Bill has dedicated the rest of his life to getting justice for Magnitsky, succeeding to some extent but there is still a long way to go . . .

Feb 5

Review of The Girl on the Train

by Co-Op on 5 February 2015

Read a review of THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Grace from the Co-Op bookshop and find out why this debut thriller by Paula Hawkins is fast becoming the the must-read book to kick off 2015.

The novel, which Harper Lee titled GO SET A WATCHMAN, will be published on 14th July 2015 and is a sequel of her classic To Kill a Mockingbird

Phew/boo, it’s back to school time and the challenge of supplying interesting, healthy and popular lunchbox items begins anew. Penguin Random House NZ’s super busy Head of Publicity, Yvonne Thynne, is also a mother of two and here shares her top picks for recipes from Jo Seagar, Chelsea Winter and Sophie Gray,  that are easy to make and popular with her kids.