Submitting a manuscript

Although Penguin Random House is now one company, the publishing divisions of Penguin and Random House are separate from each other, so you must send your manuscript submission to the address below if you wish it to be considered by one of the Random House imprints (ie Random House, Vintage, Black Swan, Godwit, Bantam, Arrow).

Random House New Zealand welcomes submissions for novels and other book projects. However, before you submit your work, we would appreciate you reading the following guidelines to ensure your submission is suitable in both format and content. If it doesn’t meet these guidelines, you may like to try another publisher. All submissions are assessed by a professional reader and all are considered seriously and thoroughly. This process normally takes 2-4 months.

First off, we encourage you to know your publisher before you submit as this will help you find the right home for your work. Take some time to review the types of books on our website and Facebook page to give you a flavour of what we do best.

When submitting a manuscript for consideration you should provide a letter of introduction, a brief synopsis of your work and your manuscript. A proposal alone is not suitable; we would like to see at least a sample of your writing and preferably the whole manuscript. If the book is to be illustrated, please include some samples (not originals).

It may be helpful for you to know that we do not accept unsolicited poetry; short stories; adult adventure, fantasy or science fiction novels; plays; screen plays, or war diaries. You will be able to discern which New Zealand publishers do publish in those genres by checking in bookstores. (Do be aware that New Zealand publishing is different from overseas publishing. Publishers here are generally mostly interested in books with New Zealand content or by a New Zealand author.)

Please send your submissions to:
Attn: Editorial Assistant
Random House New Zealand
Private Bag 102 950
North Shore Mail Centre
North Shore
Auckland 0745

Please include your email address in your covering letter. Also include a stamped, self addressed envelope so we can easily return your manuscript if we decide not to publish it. Manuscripts without self-addressed stamped envelopes will not be returned.

Alternatively, you can email your submission to . To ensure that your manuscript is passed to the right assessor, the subject line of your email must contain only the words ‘Fiction’, ‘NF’ (for Non-fiction manuscripts), ‘Children’s’ or ‘Young Adult’.

If you have any queries not answered here, please contact us at

Thank you for contacting Random House New Zealand.